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Rollett Paper Highly Cited

Rollett Paper Highly Cited: "Current issues in recrystallization", R. D. Doherty, D. A. Hughes, F. J. Humphreys, J. J. Jonas, D. J. Jensen, M. E. Kassner, W. E. King, T. R. McNelley, H. J. McQueen and A. D. Rollett, Mat. Sci. & Eng. A., 238/2, 219-274 (1997).

For the year of 1997, it was the most cited paper of ALL articles published that year in Materials Science and Eng A, B, Philosophical Mag A, B, Scripta Mater, Jour. Mater Sci, Prog. Mater Sci, Metall. Mater. Trans, and many others. Click here to read the article.