Spring 2006-Department of Materials Science and Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Departmental Seminar Series

Spring 2006

Date Speaker Title
January 20 NO SEMINAR  
January 27 Professor Yunzhi Wang
Ohio State University
Microscopic Phase-Field Modeling of Shear-Dominated Process During Phase Transformation and Plastic Deformation
February 3 NO SEMINAR  
February 10 Professor Scott Mao
University of Pittsburg
Deformation process in nanocrystalline materials under in-situ TEM observation
February 17 Professor Robert Cook Not Your Father's Hardness Test: Nanoindentation of Brittle Materials
February 24 Sungwook Huh
Carnegie Mellon, MSE
Investigation on deep centers concentrations with growth stoichiometry
March 3 Professor Michael Bockstaller
Carnegie Mellon, MSE
When hard meets soft Polymer Science at MSE
March 10 NO SEMINAR  
March 17 NO SEMINAR  
March 24 Jason Gruber
Carnegie Mellon, MSE
Grain growth, interfacial anisotropy, and texture development
March 31 Wanlin Wang
Carnegie Mellon, MSE
The Heat Transfer Phenomenon Across Mold Flux to Copper Mold in Continuous Casting
April 7 Tricia Bennet
Carnegie Mellon, MSE
Abnormal Grain Growth in Fe-1%Si
April 14 Professor James Eckstein
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Programmed and Emergent Phenomena at Oxide Interfaces
April 21 NO SEMINAR  
April 28 Paolo Nolli
Carnegie Mellon, MSE
Factors Affecting Heat Transfer in Strip Casting