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Methods for 3D Microstructural Studies Workshop

2018 Workshop on Methods for Three-Dimensional Microstructure Studies


The Materials Science & Engineering Department of Carnegie Mellon University will host a workshop on 3D Microstructures July 9-11, 2018, in collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and Bluequartz Software. The workshop is intended for researchers at all levels and will combine presentations on 3D microstructure science as well as practical presentations on the tools and methods for reconstructing, analyzing and synthesizing 3D microstructures. A particular focus of the workshop is on 3D orientation maps, constructed from EBSD serial sections, transmission X-ray measurements, or synthetic microstructures. Participants in the workshop will learn how to use Dream.3D, which is a freely available software package that performs a wide range of functions for reconstructions of 3D microstructures, statistical analysis and generation of representative volume elements. The package is tightly integrated with ParaView, which is a freely available visualization software tool. Both of these tools run on all standard computers.

The workshop will consist of three types of presentations. Roughly one third of the presentations will be about state of the art 3D materials research. The other two-thirds of the presentations will be tutorial style, illustrating the capabilities and uses of DREAM.3D. To maximize the usefulness of these tutorials, we recommend that all attendees bring their own computer to the workshop, with the latest executable version of DREAM.3D installed. Throughout the second and third days of the workshop, the staff members of BlueQuartz will be available for consultation; attendees will be able to sign up for 1 or 2 hour time slots for on-on-one sessions with a BlueQuartz staff member.  Such sessions can cover diverse topics, including asking for help with the analysis of a particular data set, and, for experienced C++ programmers, asking for assistance with the development of DREAM.3D filters.

Program Highlights

1) Keynote Lecture by Dr. Michael Uchic of the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory
2) Reconstruction of EBSD serial section data
3) Analysis of 3D microstructures
4) Generation of synthetic 3D digital microstructures, including surface meshing of grain boundary networks
5) Lectures on the latest developments in 3D microstructure science.

Organizers - M. De Graef, G.S. Rohrer, A.D. Rollett, M.A. Groeber, M. Jackson
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Dates - July 9-11, 2018

Venue - Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Registration Fee - $150

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Venue Information
Carnegie Mellon University is located in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The campus is located near several area parks, museums and restaurants for visitors.
Pittsburgh International Airport is approximately 30 miles from CMU Campus.
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