Carnegie Mellon University

2019 Recent Doctoral Theses

Sarah Frisco
Failure Inducing Features at Litium Battery
Advisor: Professor Jay Whitacre

Rafael Coura Giacomin
Mechanisms of 3rd Generation Advanced High-Strength Steel Slab Embrittlement
Advisor: Professor Bryan A. Webler

Jonathan M. Goodwill
Understanding Threshold Switching in TaOx-based Selection Devices
Advisor: Professor Marek Skowronski

Jaejun Lee
Elucidation of Molecular Parameters Governing the Interactions and Properties of Brush Particle Materials
Advisor: Professor Michael R. Bockstaller

Rubayyat Mahbub
Three-Dimensional Analysis of Heterogeneous Microstructures in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrodes
Advisors: Professor Anthony D. Rollett,
                 Professor Paul A. Salvador

Aditya Menon
Development of Hierarchical Machine Learning for the Modeling and Design of Complex Material Systems
Advisor: Professor Newell R. Washburn

Alice E. Perrin
Characterization of High Entropy Alloys for Magnetocaloric Applications
Advisor: Professor Michael E. McHenry

Ajay Sudhir Pisat
Spatial Selectivity of Photodeposition Reactions on Centrosymmetric, Polycrystalline Oxide Photocatalysts
Advisors: Professor Gregory S. Rohrer,
                 Professor Paul A. Salvador

Dai Tang
Impurity Control in Producing the 3rd Generation Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS)
Advisor: Professor P. Chris Pistorius

Xiaomin Tang
Synthesis and Characterization of Self-Assembled Triblock Co-Polymers as Energy Dissipating Underwater Adhesives
Advisor: Professor Christopher J. Bettinger

Michelle Tsui
Mechanics of Rigid Rod Networks: Interplay of Junction Properties and Strut Rigidity
Advisor: Professor Mohammad F. Islam


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