Recent Doctoral Theses-Department of Materials Science and Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

MSE Doctoral Theses - 2017

Ivan Batalov
Engineering 2D Cardiac Tissues Using Biomimetic Protein Micropatterns Based on the Extracellular Matrix in the Embryonic Heart
Advisor: Professor Adam Feinberg

Vincent DeGeorge
Chemical Partitioning and Resultant Effects on Structure and Electrical Properties in Co-Containing Magnetic Amorphous Nanocomposites for Electric Motors
Advisor: Professor Michael McHenry

Farzin Fatollahi-Fard
Production of Titanium Metal by an Electrochemical Molten Salt Process
Advisor: Professor Chris Pistorius

Lauren Finkenauer
Ligand-Mediated Stabilization of Low Temperature Metal Eutectics and Their Use in Composite Systems
Co-Advisors: Professors Michael Bockstaller, Carmel Majidi

Ankita Gupta
Multi-Scale Modeling of Mechanical Properties of Single Wall Carbon Nanotube (SWCNT) Networks
Advisor: Professor Elizabeth Holm

Chetali Gupta
Polymer-grafted Lignin: Molecular Design and Interfacial Activities.
Advisor: Professor Newell Washburn

Ryan K.S. Harrison
Relationships Between Material Properties and Microstructural Shapes as Measured by Moment Invariants
Advisor: Professor Marc De Graef

Matthew Hecht
Effects of Heat Treatments and Compositional Modification on Carbide Network and Matrix Microstructure in Ultrahigh Carbon Steels
Advisors: Professors Yoosuf N. Picard and Bryan A. Webler

Prabhat KC
3D Reconstruction of the Magnetic Vector Potential of Magnetic Nanoparticles Using Model Based Vector Field Electron Tomography
Advisor: Professor Marc De Graef

Stephen Kacur
Selective Internal Oxidation and Severe Plastic Deformation of Multiphase Fe-Y Alloys
Advisor: Professor Bryan A. Webler

Madeleine Kelly
The Temperature Dependence of Grain Boundary Complexion Transitions and Their Effect on the Grain Boundary Character and Energy Distributions
Advisor: Professor Gregory S. Rohrer

Sudipto Mandal
Texture and Microstructure in Two-Phase Titanium Alloys
Advisor: Professor Anthony D. Rollett

Alex Mohamed
NaTi2(PO4)3 as an Aqueous Anode: Degradation Mechanisms and Mitigation Techniques
Advisor: Professor Jay Whitacre

Yu-Han Liang
Deep Ultraviolet Light Emitters Based on (Al,Ga)N/GaN Semiconductor Heterostructures
Advisor: Professor Elias Towe

Tugce Ozturk
Experimental and Computational Investigation of the Microstructure-Mechanical Deformation Relationship in Polycrystalline Materials, Applied to Additively Manufactured Titanium Alloys
Advisor: Professor Anthony D. Rollett

Price Pellegren
Analyzing the Creep Mobility of Dzyaloshinskii Domain Walls with an Effective Elastic Band Model
Advisor: Professor Vincent Sokalski

Saransh Singh
Application of Forward Modeling to Materials Characterization
Advisor: Professor Marc De Graef

Samikshya Subedi
Evaluation of Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of Multilayered Materials
Advisor: Professor Anthony D. Rollett

Jia Tan
Inclusion Changes during Reoxidation
Advisor: Professor Bryan Webler

Ming Tang
Inclusions, Porosity, and Fatigue of AlSi10Mg Parts Produced by Selective Laser Melting
Advisor: Professor Chris Pistorius

Yao Yao
Growth, Characterization and Contacts to Ga203 Single Crystal Substrates and Epitaxial Layers
Co-Advisors: Professors Robert F. Davis and Lisa M. Porter