Carnegie Mellon University

MSE Doctoral Theses - 2016

Karina Lara Santos Assis 
Heat Transfer Through Mold Fluxes: A New Approach to Measure Thermal Properties of Slags
Advisor: Professor P. Chris Pistorius

Michael Chapman
SEM Technique Development for Exploring Martensitic Phase Transformations in Multi-Variant Shape Memory Alloys
Advisor: Professor Marc De Graef

Brian Decost
Applied Computer Vision Methods for Microstructure Classification and Characterization
Advisor: Professor Elizabeth A. Holm

Rachel Ferebee
Elucidation of the Structure Formation of Polymer-Conjugated Proteins in Solution and Block Copolymer Templates
Advisor: Professor Michael Bockstaller

David Gildemeister 
The Microstructure Evolution in High-Solute Aluminum Alloy Ingots and its Effect on Hot Cracking
Advisor: Professor P. Chris Pistorius

James Glickstein

Computational Investigations of Photocatalytic Surfaces Exhibiting Spatially Selective Reactivity
Advisors: Professors Gregory Rohrer and Paul Salvador

Brian Gockel
Constitutive Response of a Near-Alpha Titanium Alloy as a Function of Temperature and Strain Rate
Advisor: Professor Anthony D. Rollett

Philip Goins 
The Material Point Monte Carlo Model for Microstructural Evolution
Advisor: Professor Elizabeth A. Holm

Jonathan Humberson 
The Motion Mechanism and Thermal Behavior of Sigma 3 Grain Boundaries
Advisor: Professor Elizabeth A. Holm

Megha Jampani
Increased Use of Natural Gas in Blast Furnace Iron-Making
Advisor: Professor P. Chris Pistorius

Luke Klosterman
Deposition, Oxidation, and Adhesion Mechanisms of Conformal Polydopamine Films
Advisor: Professor Christopher Bettinger

Jonghan Kwon
Electron Microscopy Based Characterization of Resistive Switches
Advisor: Professors Yoosuf Picard and Marek Skowronski

Alex Leary
Mechanical Processing of Soft Magnetic Nanocomposites
Advisor: Professor Michael McHenry

Bongjoon Lee
Analysis of the Kinetics of Filler Segregation in Granular Block Copolymer Microstructure
Advisor: Professor Michael Bockstaller

Evan Lieberman
Simulation of Void Nucleation in Single-Phase Copper Polycrystals
Advisor: Professor Anthony Rollett

Haoyuan Mu
Reduction of CaO and MgO by Al in Steel and Inclusion Modification
Advisors: Professors Richard. J. Fruehan and Bryan A. Webler

Carolyn Norwood
The Effect of Nickel Content on the Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of a High Toughness Secondary Hardening Steel
Advisor: Professor Warren Garrison

Yisi Zhu
Effect of the Surface and Interface Electric Potential on the Photochemical Reactivity of Transition Metal Oxides
Advisors: Professors Gregory Rohrer and Paul Salvador

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