Carnegie Mellon University

MSE Doctoral Theses - 2015

Matthew Curnan
Investigating Transition and Rare Earth Metal Oxide Relative Energetics Predictions for Improving Materials Selection Processes in Clean Energy Applications Using First-Principles Methods
Advisor: John Kitchin

William Frazier
A Potts Model Investigation of Complexion Transitions and Abnormal Grain Growth
Advisor: Anthony Rollett

Yeon Joo (Chloe) Jeong
Growth and Stability of Nanocrystalline Metal Domains within Nanoporous Carbon Nanotube Aerogels
Advisor: Mohammad F. Islam

Michael Kurniawan
Low Cost Soft Magnets for Giant Magnetoimpedance‐based Sensors
Advisor: Michael McHenry

Clare Mahoney
Elucidating the Parameters Governing Thermal Transport In Polymer Nanocomposites
Advisor: Michael Bockstaller

Ratiporn "Noey" Munprom
Effects of crystal orientation and ferroelastic domain structure on the photochemical reactivity of BiVO4 and related compounds
Advisors: Gregory Rohrer, Paul Salvador

Lily T. Nguyen
Quantification of microstructural evolution using moment invariants
Advisor: Marc De Graef

Michael Schmitt
Physicochemical Properties of ‘Particle Brush’ Materials: Using Polymer Graft Modification to Tailor Particle Interactions
Advisor: Michael Bockstaller

Clayton Stein
The role of twin boundaries in fatigue microcrack initiation in an advanced nickel-based alloy
Advisor: Anthony Rollett

Vignesh Sundar
Templated Growth of Magnetic Recording Media
Advisor: David Laughlin

Haosheng Wu
Multifunctional Substrates for Fabrication of Large-area Compliant Electronics
Advisor: Christopher Bettinger

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