Carnegie Mellon University

2014 Doctoral Theses

Mina Abadier
Nucleation and Evolution of Extended Defects in SiC Epitaxial Layers
Advisors: Yoosuf Picard and Marek Skowronski

Andre Assis
The Phosphorus Reaction in Oxygen Steelmaking: Thermodynamic Equilibrium and Metal Droplet Behavior
Advisor: Richard Fruehan and Sridhar Seetharaman

Aditya Balasubramanaian
Embedded Abiotic Vascular Networks for Rapid Triggering of Soft Polymeric Actuators
Advisor: Christopher Bettinger

Stephanie Bojarski
The Effects of Grain Boundary Character and Energy on Complexion Transitions in Ceramics
Advisor: Gregory Rohrer

June Bott
Subsurface aluminum nitride formation in iron-aluminum alloys
Advisor: Sridhar Seetharaman

Hoan Ho
Control of Microstructure, Texture and Magnetic Properties of L10 Granular Magnetic Recording Media
Advisor: David Laughlin

Xuan Liu
Electron Diffraction Based Metrology of Nanocrystalline Materials
Advisor: Katayun Barmak

Sudarshan Narayanan
Metal Polymer Hybrid Materials for Flexible Transparent Conductors
Advisor: Michael Bockstaller and Lisa Porter

Chi (Suze) Ninh
Reconfigurable Polymer Networks for Improved Treatment of Intracranial Aneurysms
Advisor: Christopher Bettinger

Jiwon Park
A Study on the Reaction between Al- containing Fe-melt and SiO2-Al2O3-CaO Slags
Advisor: Sridhar Seetharaman

Lauren Powell
Optical and Surface Characterization Studies of CdSe Quantum Dots Undergoing Photooxidation
Advisor: Robert Davis

Erica Sampson
Effect of Silicon and Furnace Conditions on Hot Shortness
Advisor: Sridhar Seetharaman

Wei Wu
Sodium Titanium Phosphate as Anode Materials for Aqueous Sodium-ion Battery
Advisor: Jay Whitacre

Congcong Zhu
Light-Induced Reconfiguration of Polymeric Networks for Biomedical Applications
Advisor: Christopher Bettinger

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