Carnegie Mellon University

2010 Doctoral Theses

Lisa Chan
Synthesizing Annealing Twins in Three-Dimensional Voxel-Based Microstructures
Advisors: Gregory Rohrer and Anthony Rollett

Pranay Choudhary
Effects of Fine Scale Microstructure and Inclusions on the Toughness of Ultra High Strength Low Alloy Medium Carbon Steels
Advisor: Warren M. Garrison

Jason Gu
Characteristics and Mechanisms of Electrical Response to Hydrogen by Nitride-based Heterostructures
Advisor: Robert Davis

Emine Gulsoy
Statistical Tools for Automated Analysis of Three-Dimensional Microstructural Characterization Data
Advisor: Marc De Graef

Lam Helmick
Microstructural Characterization of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathod Materials
Advisor: Paul Salvador

Jessica Listak
Studies on the Effect of Topological and Compositional Heterogeneity on the Structure Formation in Block Copolymer and Block Copolymer-Blend Systems
Advisor: Michael Bockstaller

Kelsey Miller
Investigation of FeCo Nanocomposites for High Frequencey Applications
Advisor: Michael McHenry

Jeong-Heon Park
"Magnetoresistive Devices with Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy for Spin-Torque Driven Applications"
Advisor: Jian-Gang Zhu

Soyoung Park
Extending the recording density in perpendicular recording media
Advisor: David Laughlin and Jian-Gang Zhu

Kumar Abhishek Singh
Charge Injection and Transport in Poly(3-hexylthiophene)-based Field-Effect Transistors
Advisor: Lisa Porter

Stephen Sintay
Statistical Microstructure Generation and 3D Microstructure Geometry Extraction
Advisor: Anthony Rollett

Matthew Walker
Fundamentals of Several Reactions for the Carbothermic Reduction of Alumina
Advisor: Richard Fruehan

Shengyu Wang
Simulation of Abnormal Growth in Subgrain Structures in Deformed Materials
Advisor: Anthony Rollett

En Yang
"Development of FePt/Oxide High Anisotropy Magnetic Media"
Advisor: David Laughlin

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