Carnegie Mellon University

2007 Doctoral Theses

Eric D. Schmidt
The Kinetics, Morphology, and Mechanism of Austentite Formation During Thermal Processing of Iron Alloys
Advisor: Sridhar Seetharaman

Jason Gruber
Interface Texture Development During Grain Growth
Advisors: Anthony Rollett and Gregory Rohrer

Sabuj Halder
Simulation of Reduction of Iron-Oxide-Carbon Composite Pellets in a Rotary Hearth Furnace
Advisor: Richard Fruehan

George Shannon
Oxide Inclusion Behavior at the Steel/Slag Interface
Advisor: Sridhar Seetharaman

Sirisha Kuchimanchi
Effect of Ga and Refractory Metal Substitution in 3:29 Intermetallic Permanent Magnets
Advisor: Michael McHenry

Wanlin Wang
The Heat Transfer Phenomenon Across Moldflux to Copper Mold in Continuous Casting
Advisor: Alan W. Cramb

Sungwook Huh
Deep Level Defects in SiC Crystals Grown by Halide CVD Method
Advisor: Marek Skowronski

Nan Boonyachut
The Cellular Transformation in Cu-Ti Age-Hardening Alloys
Advisor: David Laughlin

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