Carnegie Mellon University

2005 Doctoral Theses

Pallava Kaushik
Mixed Burden Softening and Melting Phenomena
Advisor: Richard J. Fruehan

Andrew J. Francis
Heteroepitaxial Growth of Chiral and Achiral Metal Thin Films on Ceramic Substrates
Advisor: Paul Salvador

Il Sohn
The Role of Volatiles in the Reduction of Iron Oxide
Advisor: Richard J. Fruehan

Mohammed Alvi
Recrystallization Kinetics and Microstructural Evolution in Warm Rolled Aluminum Alloys
Advisor: A.D. Rollett

Ying Pang
Relation Between Grain Boundary Segregation and Plane Orientation in Nb-doped TiO2
Advisor: Paul Wynblatt

Mitra Taheri
In-Situ Quantification of the Effect of Solute on the Mobility, Character and Driving Pressure of Grain Boundaries During Recrystallization in Al Alloys
Advisor: Anthony Rollett

Rajasekaran Swaminathan
Influence of Surface Structure on the Magnetic Properties of RF Plasma Synthesized NiZn Ferrite Nanoparticles
Advisor: Michael McHenry

Qiang Li
The Influence of Stoichiometry on Electrical Properties of Silicon Carbide in Physical Vapor Transport Process
Advisor: Marek Skowronski

Daiwon Choi
Synthesis, Structure and Electrochemical Characterization of Transition Metal Nitride Supercapacitors Derived by a Two-Step Transition Metal Halide Approach
Advisor: Prashant Kumta

Feroz A. Mohammad
Study of Morphology, Mechanisms and Interlayers in Ohmic Contacts to Silicon Carbide
Advisor: Lisa Porter

Tomoko Sano
Interface Anisotropy and its Effect on Microstructural Evolution During Coarsening
Advisor: Gregory Rohrer

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