Recent Doctoral Theses-Department of Materials Science and Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

2004 Doctoral Theses

Chando Park
Microfabrication and Characterization of Fe304 Based Magnetic Tunnel Junction
Advisor: Jiang-Gang Zhu and Robert White

Kumar Srinivasan
L10 Fe-Pt on Nanocrystalline HITPERM Soft Magnetic Underlayers for Perpendicular Recording Media
Advisor: David Laughlin

Hun Jae Chung
Effect of Doping on Silicon Carbide Crystals
Advisor: Marek Skowronski

Siddhartha Misra
Hydrogen and Nitrogen Control in Taping and Ladle Operations
Advisor: Richard Fruehan

Shakul Tandon
Theoretical and Experimental Study of Shape Effects on Magnetic Nano-particles using Simulation Assisted Lorentz Microscopy
Advisor: Marc De Graef

Neill McDonald
Peritectic Solidification in Ferrous Alloys
Advisor: Sridhar Seetharaman

Changsoo Kim
"Microstructural-Mechanical property Relationships in WC-Co Composites"
Advisor: G. Rohrer

Wayne Archibald
"Microstructural Characterization of Al Thin Films and Foils: Grain Boundary Topology, Properties and Statistics"
Advisor: K. Barmak

Jeffrey P. Maranchi
"Fundamental Experimental Studies of Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Anodes for Lithium-Ion Applications"
Advisor: P. Kumta

Hwan Soo Lee
"Sputtered Magnetic Tape Media Fabrication and Recording Performance"
Advisor: J. Bain and D. Laughlin

Zan Shi
"A Study of Selected interfacial Phenomena in Metallic Alloys"
Advisor: Paul Wynblatt

Lisha Wang
"Atomic Ordering, Magnetic Domain Structure and Magnetic Properties of L10 Type Ferromagnets"
Advisor: D. Laughlin

Zhaohui Fan
"The Study of Crystallization of Phase Change Materials and Their Applications for Data Storage"
Advisor: D. Laughlin