Carnegie Mellon University

2003 Doctoral Theses

Adam Badri
Initial Solidification Phenomena in Continuous Casting
Advisor: A. W. Cramb

Kai-Chieh Chang
Microstructural and Chemical Study of SiO2/SiC Interfaces and Correlations with Electrical Properties of SiC MOS Diodes and SiC Mosfets
Advisor: L. Porter

Bassem El-Dasher
Dislocation-Grain Boundary Interactions in Columnar Aluminum
Advisor: B. Adams and A Rollett

Otavio Fortini
Renewable Energy Steelmaking - A New Process for Ironmaking
Advisor: R. J. Fruehan

Jennifer Giacondi
Effect of Dipolar Field, Surface Termination and Crystal Orientation on the Photochemical Reactivity of Transition Metal Oxides
Advisor: G. Rohrer

Frank Johnson
High-temperature and frequency-dependent properties and structural evolution of HITPERM, an FeCo-base nanocomposite soft ferromagnetic material
Advisor: M. McHenry

Il Seok Kim
Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Electrochemically Active Nanocomposites.
Advisor: P. Kumta

Tom Kuhr
Processing Induced Extended Defects in Silicon Carbide
Advisor: M. Skowronski

Jaehyun Moon
Wetting characteristics and growth kinetics of precursing films in single and multi-component metal systems
Advisors: Paul Wynblatt, and Stephen Garoff (Dept. of Physics)

Paolo Nogueira
Burden Softening and Melting in a Blast Furnace
Advisor: R. J. Fruehan

Kritstada Prapakorn
The Solidification Behaviour of Calcium Aluminate Slags
Advisor: A. W. Cramb

Suk-Joon Son
Thermal Plasma Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Ferite Particle
Advisor: M. McHenry

Yan Wang
Inclusion Evolution in Molten and Solidifying Steel
Advisor: S. Seetharaman

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