Recent Doctoral Theses-Department of Materials Science and Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

2002 Doctoral Theses

Soonuk Cheong
"Microstructure and Property Relationships in Cold-Rolled Motor Lamination Steel"
Advisor: Anthony Rollett

Melik Demirel
"Linking Experimental Characterization and Computational Modeling in Microstructural Evolution"
Advisor: Anthony Rollett

Ali Gungor
"Cu and Cu Alloy Thin Films: Evolution of Resistivity and Microstructure"
Advisor: Katayum Barmak

Seoyong Ha
"Plastic Deformation of Silicon Carbide Crystals during Sublimation Bulk Growth"
Advisor: Marek Skowronski

Aytekin Hitit
"Precipitation Reactions in a Martensitic Precipitation Strengthened Stainless Steel and the Effects of Nickel and Silicon on Precipitation Reactions and Toughness"
Advisor: Warren Garrison

Taehoon Jang
"Investigation of Thermally Stable Ohmic Contact Formation and Degradation Mechanisms on n-type and p-type SiC"
Advisor: Lisa Porter

James Kerr
"Foamability of Stainless Steelmaking Slags in an EAF"
Advisor: R. J. Fruehan

Chih-Ling Lee
"A Study of the biasing of Spin Valve Read Heads for Magnetic Recording"
Advisors: M. McHenry and J. Bain

Paretosh Misra
"The Role of Heat Transfer in Strip Casting"
Advisor: Alan W. Cramb

Mawin Supradist
"Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Thermal Behacior of a Mold Powder used in the Continuous Casting Process"
Advisor: Alan W. Cramb

Andrew Westmeyer
"Microstructure of Mixed Group III-Nitride Epitaxial Layers"
Advisor: Subhash Mahajan