Carnegie Mellon University

2001 Doctoral Theses

Ellen Cerreta
Creep Induced Substructures in Titanium Aluminide
Aadvisors: Tresa Pollock and Subhash Mahajan

Christopher Manning
The Behavior of Phosphorus in DRI/HBI During Electric Furnace Steelmaking
Advisor: Richard Fruehan

Edward Sanchez
The Formation of Threading Defects in Sublimation Grown Silicon Carbide
Advisor: Marek Skowronski

Yu-Nu Hsu
New Materials for Extremely High Magnetic Recording Density
Advisors: David Laughlin and David Lambeth

Yoon-Suck Choi
"Surface Roughening of 6022-T4 Al Sheets Deformed in Plane-Strain Tension"
Advisor: Henry Piehler

Nattapong Phininchka
"The Effect of Surface Tension, Superheat and Surface Films on the Rate of the Heat Transfer from an Iron Droplet to a Water Cooled Mold"
Advisor: Alan Cramb

David M. Saylor
"The Character of Interfacial Energies in Magnesia"
Advisor: G. R. Rohrer

Amy Hsaio
The Crystallization Kinetics of Fe-Zr Based Amorphous and Nano-Crystalline Soft Magnetic Alloys"
Advisor: M. McHenry

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