Recent Doctoral Theses-Department of Materials Science and Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

1999 Doctoral Theses

Chun-Chieh Chang
Particulate Sol-Gel (PSG) Synthesis, Structural and Electrochemical Characterization of LiMO2 (M = Ni, Ni0.75 Co0.25)
Advisor: Prashant Kumta

Yongsug Chung
Surface and Interfacial Phenomena of Liquid Iron Alloys
Advisor: Alan Cramb

Paul S. Lee
Relation of Surface Roughness to Inhomogeneity of Texture and Microstructure in 6xxx Aluminum Alloy Sheet
Advisor: Anthony Rollett

Jennifer P. Lowekamp
The Anisotropy of the Surface Energy and Photochemical Activity of Rutile
Advisor: Gregory Rohrer

Kenneth Scott Weil
Synthesis, Structure and Properties of a Novel Family of Layered Transition Nitride Compounds
Advisor: Prashant Kumta

Shiela Woodard
Transverse Creep in SiC-Reinforced Orthohombic Composites
Advisor: Tresa Pollock