Carnegie Mellon University

1998 Doctoral Theses

David B. Allen
The Effect of Hydrogen on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti-24Al-11Nb
Advisor: Anthony Thompson

Glenn William Jarvis
The Effect of Engineered Surface Texture on Sheet Aluminum Formability
Advisor: Henry Piehler

Jin Yong Kim
Synthesis, Structural Characterization, and Microstructural Design of Glass and Ceramic Composites
Advisor: Prashant Kumta

Alexander Ilyich Landa
Theoretical Study of High Temperature Behavior of Pb and Pb-Base Alloy Surfaces
Advisor: Paul Wynblatt

Xiaoding Ma
Spreading of Perfluoropolyalkylether Films on Amorphous Carbon Surfaces
Advisor: Lloyd Bauer

Eric A. Ott
Mechanisms of Creep Deformation in Gamma-based Titanium Aluminide Alloys
Advisor: Tresa Pollock

Balamuralikrish Ramalingam
Studies of Bonding and Void Nucleation at Inclusion-Matrix Interfaces in Steel
Advisor: Warren Garrison

Kenichi Shimizu
Evaporation Phenomena of Fluorine-Containing Slag Melts
Advisor: Alan Cramb

Minseub Shin
Growth and Characterization of Group III Ternary Nitrides
Advisor: Marek Skowronski

Richard H. Smith
Post Smelting FeO Reduction and Desulurization
Advisor: Richard Fruehan

Richard Louis Smith
The Structural Evolution of Molybdenum Oxide Surfaces During Partial Oxidation Reactions
Advisor: Gregory Rohrer

James Stepanek
Initial Solidification In Continuous Casting
Advisor: Alan Cramb

Zhangmin Wang
Wetting and Energetics of Metal/SiC and Metal/Graphite Interfaces
Advisor: Paul Wynblatt

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