Recent Doctoral Theses-Department of Materials Science and Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

1995 Doctoral Theses

Yong Chang Feng
High Density Magnetic Recording Media: Processing, Structure and Properties
Advisor: David Laughlin

Desiderio Kovar
Role of Microstructure in the Mechanical Reliability of Alumina Ceramics
Advisor: Michael Readey

Weier Lu
STM Image Contrast Interpretation and its Role in Determining the Structure of Transition Metal Oxide Surfaces
Advisor: Gregory Rohrer

Robert S. McFadden
Ordering Defects in InGaAs and InGaP Epitaxial Layers
Advisor: Subhash Mahajan

Yongjo Park
Growth of Semi-Insulating GaAs by Intentional Introduction of Al-0 Complexes During Organometallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy
Advisor: Marek Skowronski

Xavier Pierron
A Study of the Hydrogen Effects on the Microstructure and Tensile Properties of (a2+B2) Ti-25Al-10Nb-3V-1Mo Titanium Aluminide Alloy
Advisor: Anthony Thompson

Penny K. Iwamasa
Improved Hot Metal Desulfurization
Advisor: Richard Fruehan