Carnegie Mellon University

1992 Doctoral Theses

Diane Elizabeth Albert
Effects of Microstructure on Creep of Ti-24Al-11Ni Polycrystals
Advisor: Anthony Thompson.

Zongyu Li
Degradation and Subsequent Healing by Electromigration in Al - 1% Si Thin Film Conductors
Advisor: Lloyd Bauer.

James Lawrence Maloney III
The Effect of Primary Void Nuclei on Fracture Initiation Toughness of Ultra High Strength Steel
Advisor: Warren Garrison.

Yuven Mou
The O-Lattice Modelling of Bcc: HCP Interfacial Structure and the Structure of Massive: Matrix Interfaces in a Ag-26% Al Alloy
Advisor: Hubert Aaronson.

Steven J. Rozenveld
Michigan Measurement of Residual Stresses in an Al-Si-C Composite Using Convergent-Beam Electron Diffraction
Advisor: James Howe.

Balu Sarma
Reduction of FeO From Smelting Slags by Solid Carbon
Advisor: Alan Cramb and Richard Fruehan.

Takashi Tanaka
Nucleation and Growth Kinetics of Proeutectoid Ferrite at Austenite Grain Boundaries in Fe-C-X, - X2 Alloys
Advisor: Hubert Aaronson.

Bunsen Yin Pun Wong
The Effects of Cr-Underlayers on the Structure and Properties of Co Ni Cr Magnetic Thin Films
Advisor: David Laughlin.

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