Carnegie Mellon University

MSE Graduate program - Helpful Resources

Designated career consultants available to assist with preparing for your job search. Career consultants offer weekly office hours, course for graduate students, one-on-one appointments, workshops, etc.

The Center offers resources to enhance an inclusive and transformative student experience in dimensions such as access, success, campus climate and intergroup dialogue.

CaPS provides a range of mental health services and supports for Carnegie Mellon University students, including urgent crisis intervention and emergency consultation. CaPS also offers support groups for graduate students to talk about the stress-ors related to graduate school and life, emotions, and relationships. Share your experience, get support, encouragement, and advice.

The Eberly Center offers seminars and workshops, one-on-one consultations to graduate students to help them be more effective teachers.

Assistance with writing papers, giving presentations, etc. through appointments and workshops

Provide communication support to the non-native English speaker

The Office of Disability Resources provides responsive and reasonable accommodations to students who self-identify as having a disability, including physical, sensory, cognitive and emotional disabilities.

Develop policies to benefit graduate students; Provide conference funding; Professional development workshops; Social events; Networking lunches

Versatile PhD is an online resource designed to help humanities, social science and STEM PhDs identify, prepare for, and succeed in non-academic careers. CMU graduate students, faculty, alumni and others have free access to premium resources provided through the University's subscription to Versatile PhD.  PhDs go many places, although it can be challenging to find them. VPhD's features and resources can help you connect with them.