Carnegie Mellon University

Master of Science (M.S.) in Computational Materials Science & Engineering (CMSE)

Degree Overview

The M.S. in Computational Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE) is a full-time coursework-based degree that provides an advanced foundational education to professionals interested in careers in computational MSE. Students in the program will gain a fundamental understanding of materials structure, properties and the processing of materials and how computational approaches can contribute to that knowledge. After completing this program, they will understand how to use and implement computational tools and adapt them to solve problems in MSE.

Our M.S. degree in Computational MSE provides the foundation of all MSE activities while allowing for students to take advanced courses in computational methods in MSE. Students will normally complete the degree in three full-time (15 week) academic semesters.

Degree Requirements

Course Requirements (120 units over 3 semesters)

  • 24 units of MSE core courses
  • 24 units of CMSE Coursework
    • 27-734 Methods of Computational Materials Science (Fall Semester – required)
    • 12 units of CMSE Elective Coursework
  • 24 units of MSE graduate elective courses (27-7**)
  • 48 units of Approved Graduate Courses
    • Graduate level coursework in CIT, Tepper, CS, Mellon
    • Content must be related to Computational Materials Science and Engineering
    • 24-48 units of research units can be counted here

Graduate Seminar

CMSE + Integrated Study in Computer Science 

We are pleased to offer, with the School of Computer Science (SCS), a four-semester program that provides graduates a foundation in current and emerging computation. In addition to graduate study in Computational MSE, students will also learn core and emerging skills in Computer Science, and the ability to implement and practice advanced computational-based methods applied to engineering. CMSE + ICS is a highly competitive masters program for engineers with a background in programming and computation.

The MS in CMSE and Integrated Study in CS is a four-semester program where you will complete a minimum of 180 units –120 units for CMSE + 60 units of approved SCS courses. 

Summer semesters are not considered part of the required semester and students cannot transfer into this program once already enrolled in another of MSE’s MS programs. 

Course Requirements: 60 units of Computer Science coursework:

Required CS Courses

24 units of Core CS; 1 course taken each of the first 2 semesters:

  • 15-513, Introduction to Computer Systems (12 units)
  • 17-514, Principles of Software Construction: Objects, Design, and Concurrency (12 units)

36 units of CS graduate elective courses The remaining SCS courses, taken during semester three and four will be electives

Example courses that have been approved for MSE students: 16-720 Computer Vision; 10-601 Introduction to Machine Learning; 11-663 Applied Machine Learning

How to Apply

Apply online using the standard  MSE graduate admissions requirements. Your applications will be reviewed by representatives from both MSE and SCS.

Only applicants who specifically select the “MS in CMSE and Integrated Study in CS” option within the online application will be considered.

Miscellaneous Rules

I. Grades

  • All students must maintain a B (3.0) average to graduate.
  • Course units with a grade lower than C (2.0) are not acceptable toward the degree requirements.
  • Grades in approved projects (ex. 27-756 Masters Project) may not be used in calculation of the B (3.0) average.
  • Grades in approved projects (ex. 27-756 Masters Project) must be B (3.0) or above to count towards the unit calculation for graduation.

II. Completion Timelines
  • MS in CMSE - The average grade of the course work shall be at least a B (3.0), and the student may choose any 72-120 of the first 132 units attempted to compute the average course grade.

III. Units per semester

  • Only by permission of the department head may a student with 12 units or less of graduate research enroll in more than 51 units. Such students shall not be permitted to register for more than 60 units.
  • Only by permission of the department head may a student with more than 12 units of graduate research enroll in more than 48 units. Such students shall not be permitted to register for more than 51 units.

*Part-time MS enrollment is an option available for students in special circumstances, such as students who would like to pursue an MS degree while maintaining external employment. Note that immigration regulations do not allow Carnegie Mellon University to issue visa documents for the part-time MS program.