Carnegie Mellon University

Master of Science Programs

Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE): The MS in Materials Science and Engineering degree is a full-time coursework degree program that students can complete in two semesters (9 months).

Master of Science in Materials Science (MATSCI)
 program is a full-time combined coursework and research degree that students can complete in 3-4 semesters.

Master of Science in Additive Manufacturing (MSAM) program will provide hands-on experience with designing, adapting and building parts using current Additive Manufacturing Technology.

Masters in Energy Science and Technology and Policy (ESTP) is an interdisciplinary program offered in the School of Engineering for students interested in a technological background exposure to different areas of Energy issues.

*Part-time MS enrollment is an option available for students in special circumstances, such as students who would like to pursue an MS degree while maintaining external employment. Note that immigration regulations do not allow Carnegie Mellon University to issue visa documents for the part-time MS program.