Carnegie Mellon University

Graduate Student Advisory Committee (GSAC)

Committee Members

Natan Aronhime                                  Maxwell Li
  Rafael Giacomin                                  Alice Perrin
Yu-Ting (Tim) Hsu                                Mary Story
                 Ke-Wei (Kuai-Kuai) Jin          Prof. Yoosuf Picard (Faculty Advisor)

The Graduate Student Advisory Committee (GSAC) is an organization for graduate students in the Materials Science and Engineering department at Carnegie Mellon University. We plan social events that include both students and faculty members in order to foster relationships outside of classes and the lab. We plan events tailored to helping graduate students prepare for various milestones in the PhD program, act as an interface between MSE graduate students and faculty, and plan social events to encourage interaction and collaboration between students. In this regard, we ensure that our interests are voiced in MSE affairs as well as general GSA meetings, and ensure the quality of graduate student life.

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