Undergraduate Laboratories-Department of Materials Science and Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

The well-equipped undergraduate laboratories are comprised of two research facilities. Our Doherty Hall facility hosts three table-top scanning electron microscopes (SEMs), a powder X-ray diffractometer and a tabletop atomic force microscope (AFM).  The Doherty Hall facility also houses traditional materials testing equipment for processing, mechanical testing and macro- property evaluation and measurement. For processing, metals, ceramics polymers and composites, the facility offers a complement of furnaces, powder processing equipment, rolling and swaging and wire drawing equipment. For mechanical property evaluation, testing equipment is available for hardness, micohardness, tensile, fatigue and Charpy impact measurement. A facility for DSC, DTA and DMA testing has recently been added. In addition, the facility is equipped with a full suite for metallographic preparation and optic microscopic examination of material structures. 

In our Roberts Hall facility, advanced electron characterization equipment such as SEM, TEM, OIM, XRD and AFM are located along with all associate sample preparation facilities. This facility also hosts a state of the art electronic classroom that permits interactive use of the electron microscopes from each of the student’s desktop.