Carnegie Mellon University

Electron Microscope Rates

Philips XL-30 FEG SEM $ 80 per hour
FEI Quanta 200 FEG SEM $ 50 per hour
FEI Quanta 600 FEG SEM $ 80 per hour
FEI Plasma Dual Beam FIB $100 per hour
FEI Nova Nanolab 600 Dual Beam FIB $100 per hour
JEOL JEM-2000EX TEM $ 50 per hour
FEI Tecnai F20 TEM/STEM $300 per day
FEI Titan G2 80-300 TEM/STEM $500 per day

Any published research using these MCF instruments should include the following acknowledgement statement: “The authors acknowledge use of the Materials Characterization Facility at Carnegie Mellon University supported by grant MCF-677785.