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Student Resources

E&TIM is a professional program for student with strong technical backgrounds who aspire to contribute to sustainable value creation.  The E&TIM program has attracted a wide range of students with a passion for creating value that leverages science, engineering and new technology.

A wide variety of support and resources are available for E&TIM students both within the E&TIM department as well as across Carnegie Mellon University.

Current students can use the E&TIM M.S. Program Blackboard site as a primary source of communications for E&TIM information and resources including the following:

  • Program announcements including speakers, events and workshops
  • Program progress including Course Registration Information, Curriculum Planning and Progress tool and E&TIM Internship Assignments
  • Career and Internships including professional development tools and resources, internship and full-time job postings
  • New Student Information including housing, health services, financial aid

As a part of the graduate student community at Carnegie Mellon, students also have additional resources and support at their disposal.

Academic Resources

University Resources

Tuition and Financial Aid