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11.8.19 | ETIM Team- 3rd in Space Innovation Challenge Winners!


Congratulations to ETIM students, Kunal Ashok, Steve Lin, Joseph Yang (Dual w ECE), and MS Computational Design student, Lydia Schweitzer for their team pitch to utilize lunar surface with in-situ resource utilization solution called "Lunargy," a solar-powered grid on the poles of the moon. Hosted by CMU's School of Computer Science and presented by Students At Tepper for Astronautics, Rockets & Space (STARS), the competition included student teams from across the country.


9.29.19 | MedHack Champions!


Congratulations to Dual Degree ETIM & BME students, Deja Robinson and Melanie Loppnow! The ETIM students and their team won the Post-Operative Track at Johns Hopkins' MedHacks with their pitch for the Early Morning Prioritization (EMP) System. "The EMP System couples an inexpensive wearable wristband with a prioritization algorithm to alert healthcare personnel to patients most in need of medical attention." Learn more about Robinson and Loppnow's EMP System on DevPost.

 8.19.19 | Summer Happenings - ETIMers in the News!

See currrent ETIM student, Prachi Jhala, featured on American Eagle's Intern Blog.

ETIM alumnus, Tejaswin Gumber, can be seen working with startup, ConvMind, in CMU's Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship: Post-gazette/tech-news/convmind-pghbot-artificial-intelligence-carnegie-mellon-chatbots/

 4.10.19 | Artificial Intelligence and Medical Applications


ETIM student, Varun Yalamanchi, learned from and connected with experts while attending the World Medical Innovation Forum in Boston, MA, April 8-10, 2019. Dignitaries from companies such as Bayer, Nuance and Nvidia demonstrated different applications of artificial intelligence to medicine. One example included AI that uses a patient's prior medical records and genetic data to detect diseases in humans which may not be directly evident to the doctors.

4.6.19 | Endless gaming with Alexa?!

Amazon Alexa Team

ETIM student team, Zaki Harris, Prachi Jhala, Xudong Wu, & Xuliang Sun, won the Amazon Alexa Hackathon held by Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship on April 5 and 6, 2019. The purpose of the event was to begin with a short training in Skill Development for Alexa followed by a quick idea implementation competition.

4.01.19 | Entrepreneurship by numbers

Students in EPP/MechE Professor Katie Whitefoot’s quantitative entrepreneurship ETIM project course help innovators from CMU predict the feasibility of their invention

3.28.18 | Incoming Student wins exhibition pitch award

VentureWell Winners

ETIM Students, Kwaku Jymafi and Lilan Huang, won 1st place in the CMU VentureWell Energy Hackathon during CMU Energy Week from March 25th to March 28th, 2019. The competition was an opportunity for collegiate students to tackle some of the toughest challenges facing Honda, Chevron, 2030 Districts Network, and Pittsburgh Parking Authority.

3.29.18 | Hip-Hop Hackathon winner!

KwakuKwaku Jyamfi, ETIM MS student, utilized an open source software called EarSketch to code beats (instrumentals) & won 3rd place ($150), and a new software to produce music in. The Hip-Hop Hackathon was sponsored by Google and the Dietrich school at Bakery Square. It was part of a weekend event called TripTech, where the arts and coding combine to make cool projects.

3.28.18 | ETIM Students create solar hub prototype & win 3rd in Rothberg Catalyzer Challenge

RCC Team RCC Solar Hub RCC Challenge

Tackling the major issue of inexpensive and reliable lighting in refugee camps, ETIM team, including Raghav Madan, Omkar Powar, Tanvi Dhande, Kunal Ashok, and Cheng Lin, devised a fully functioning prototype of a solar hub and spoke system in the week-long Rothberg Catalyzer Challenge. Our students placed 3rd out of a total of 14-15 teams and won $1000 in the Innovation Hack-a-thon that was sponsored by the College of Engineering and the Integrated Innovation Institute.

The highly mobile solar hub worked as a charging station for the portable solar lanterns (spokes) along with enhancing community interaction by acting as a street light. Students discovered multiple safety concerns in such camps for women and incorporated a distress signal button in the lantern. This could be pressed in case of emergencies which alerted the closest hub system via wireless modules. The lantern flashed red light and the nearby hub also followed, alerting the community with a loud buzzer sound.

10.29.18 | Alumni panel shares industry experience with ETIM students

More than 30 students gathered to hear stories and experiences from recent ETIM alumni working in industry. They sought advice on getting a job, changing careers, finding the best path, and being comfortable with uncertainty. ETIM graduates emphasized that they have to be willing to take risks and draw from various experiences to solve problems they've never encountered before. 

10.24.18 | Incoming Student wins exhibition pitch award

Kwaky JyamfiIncoming ETIM student and James R. Swartz Entrepreneurial Fellow, Kwaku Jyamfi (CEE/ETIM dual degree), has won the exhibiton pitch at the 2018 TransTech Energy Business Development Conference. The Trans Tech exhibition pitch allowed energy-oriented companies who were not in the final heat a chance to pitch their idea in front of investors in 4 minutes or less. 

Jyamfi pitched a solution to a problem that 1.2 billion people across the world face: energy insecurity. Many communities don’t have access to electricity produced by technology, yet, they have means of producing energy using local natural resources, like agricultural waste.

"Farm to Flame", the startup Jyamfi co-founded with Will McKnight at Syracuse University this year, is developing a feasible solution for those who have agricultural waste abundant enough to generate electricity. Farm to Flame is giving larger scale farmers a means of profiting off waste by bringing electricity to a population without.

10.17.18 | Leading Innovation Means Leading Innovation Education

ETIM Executive Director,  Dr. Jimmy Williams, presents the ETIM MS program and refines the program's perspective based on industry feedback from corporate leaders and technologists at annual meeting of the Association for Managers of Innovation (AMI). 

9.10.18 | 2018 Summer Internship Photo Competition

Each summer, ETIM students compete for the best photo of their internship. 

9.5.18 | ETIM student provides market analysis for American-Made Solar Prize team

Anant Vikram SinghThe American-Made Solar Prize is a $3 million prize competition that incentivizes innovators to discover, research, iterate and deliver new solar solutions to market. The Scott Institute for Energy Innovation at Carnegie Mellon has recently been named a "connector" within the American-Made Network and is supporting several Carnegie Mellon faculty members in this competition, including a project from Chemical Engineering Professor B. Erik Ydstie about solar cell production.

A team of student research assistants have been working with Ydstie and ETIM student Anant Vikram Singh led the commercialization team in identifying financial advantages and competing technologies.

8.28.18 | Alumini Startup to present at the Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference

ristcall logo

RistCall, a next-generation call bell system for nurses founded by ETIM alumni Srinath Vaddepally, is one of eight finalists selected to present at the First Coast challenge Innovators Investor Pitch competition on September 6. The First Coast Innovator’s Gathering is a newelement of RESI Boston that allows tech startups based in the Northeast to increase visibility with potential global investors and strategic partners. Investors will ask questions and provide feedback to presenting startups.

5.20.18 | ETIM Commencement 

E&TIM Commencement 2018

5.22.18 | RoadBotics Wins ASCE Innovation Award

RoadBotics, a Robotics Institute spinoff, uses smartphone and artificial intelligence technology to monitor the condition of concrete and asphalt surfaces, received the Overall Greatest Impact award in the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) annual Innovation Contest. Robotics was co-founded by ETIM professor Mark Desantis.

5.20.18 | Outstanding ETIM Internship Presentation Award Winner

Siri Maley was selected for the 2017 “Outstanding ETIM Internship Presentation Award”, which honors the memory of ETIM alumnus Raunaq Gandhok. 

Siri Maley
Maley's entry was voted "Best Internship Photo" by ETIM students in 2017.

The award is named for an ETIM student who died in a tragic automobile accident in 2013.  The award winner’s name is inscribed on a plaque displayed in our ETIM space, which includes a quote from Raunaq’s own internship report. He wrote, “ It is advisable to have an open mind…the beauty of it is to get exposed to different technologies and businesses all along the way.” 

Siri was selected as a Doolittle Scholar employed by the Air Force Research Lab at Eglin Air Force Base.

3.20.18 | Pipe-crawling Robot Will Help Decommission DOE Nuclear Facility

A pair of autonomous robots developed by Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute will soon be driving through miles of pipes at the U.S. Department of Energy's former uranium enrichment plant in Piketon, Ohio, to identify uranium deposits on pipe walls. The team includes ETIM student Siri Maley (below, left).

pipe crawling robot

1.23.18 | ETIM Students win at Build 18 Hackathon

Jonathan Dyer, ETIM ’18 and Mech E ‘19 Dual Degree student, competed with his team in Build18 Hackathon and won “First Penguin,” an award that goes to the best project among first-time builders.

01.12.18 | Graduate Research Fellowship

ETIM and Language Technologies Institute student Juncheng (Billy) Li is one of two inaugural recipients of Bosch SCS Graduate Research Fellowship. The fellows' research will strengthen Bosch's capabilities in human-machine interaction (HMI) technologies, and will be performed in close coordination with the Bosch Research and Technology Center's Pittsburgh office. 

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