Carnegie Mellon University
Silicon Valley

E&TIM Bicoastal Program Structure

The E&TIM Silicon Valley MS program can be completed in one year of full-time study from January to December, including a summer internship project.

Academic Block 1 (Spring Term)

E&TIM Silicon Valley students will begin their course of study at Carnegie Mellon's Pittsburgh location in January. Benefiting from the strong academic tradition emblematic of Carnegie Mellon, students will complete the E&TIM core courses, including:

  • Strategy and Management of Technology Innovation
  • Innovation Management in Practice Seminars
  • Product/Process Innovation Project Course
  • Managerial and Engineering Economics

Summer Internship Project

The required E&TIM internship, occuring between the spring and fall semesters of the one-year program, will provide hands-on experience at an organization leveraging technology and can be completed in any location. E&TIM students may want to take advantage of the California locale, offering a concentrated number of new and established technology organizations in the area.

Academic Block 2 (Fall Term)

Students will complete their Fall term on the West Coast. E&TIM students must take the required Fall E&TIM seminar class as well as capitalizing on electives offered by Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley campus.

Visit the Degree Program webpage for complete details on course requirements and if you have additional questions, please contact us.