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Ready to take your talent up a notch? Inspired by the potential of new and emerging technology?

Discover the ETIM Masters program, created by and offered only at Carnegie Mellon University. ETIM takes the technical strengths you’ve acquired as an engineering or science professional and makes you exceptionally well-rounded by teaching you to lead, foster and manage technological innovation at a high level. The result? Value-driven innovation that will make a true impact for your organization.

Who’s typically drawn to an ETIM degree? Working professionals like you in computer science; biology; chemistry; physics; and mechanical, electrical, biomedical, materials science, civil and environmental engineering. In theory and practice, you will prepare to:

Utilize diagnostic tools to determine which strategic technological framework meets organizational goals

Advance leadership skills in technology and innovation management

Establish and grow ventures that leverage technology

Develop and deploy business-aligned innovation strategies 

Advance skills in product management and entrepreneurship

Gain experience with cross-functional, multi-discipline teams working to optimize organizational outcomes

Accelerated Masters Program

ETIM is a one-year interdisciplinary MS program offered by Carnegie Mellon's distinguished College of Engineering, one of the top ten engineering schools in the country. It is coordinated with the Department of Engineering and Public Policy in collaboration with other schools, including the Heinz College and the Tepper School of Business.

Interdisciplinary Approach

ETIM represents a powerful convergence of Carnegie Mellon’s unique strengths, including strong engineering and computer science programs; successful interdisciplinary educational collaborations; innovation-focused project courses and broad offerings in entrepreneurship education. We’ll equip you to drive value creation from technical innovation based on your understanding of technical concepts, innovation management fundamentals and real-world implications.

Real-World Experience

ETIM works in close mutual partnership with professional experts in business and industry. This collaboration benefits our students and the professional community through:

  • Immersive innovation project sponsorships
  • Student sponsorships
  • Summer internships
  • Innovation Management in Practice seminar series
  • Product or Process Innovation Project course

The Carnegie Mellon reputation for excellence and world-class innovation allows us to attract top-notch client companies who value concepts, ideas, and issues that benefit from student engagement.

Explore Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital with ETIM


We welcome all inquiries from current engineering and computer science undergraduates, working professionals and businesses.