Carnegie Mellon University

A Flexible Interdisciplinary Program

The E&TIM program core provides fundamentals for leading technical innovation. Through electives, the program offers the flexibility to address specific management and technical interests. 

For example, an E&TIM student has a range of innovation management electives that supoort them in

    • pursuing research, development and engineering, choose courses on entrepreneurship, technology commercialization, product design and development.
    • focusing on global technology policies and management, choose electives on international business theory, science and technology innovation policy, technology and economic growth.
    • serving as organizational change agents, choose courses in managing intellectual capital, negotiation and customer strategy.

Because of Carnegie Mellon's broad technical strength, technical focus possibilities span traditional engineering and technical disciplines as well as interdisciplinary areas. The College of Engineering includes the departments of Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering and Public Policy, Materials Science Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Technical electives may also be chosen from the School of Computer Science or Mellon College of Science.

Exciting possibilities for technical course choices in E&TIM may also be found at the intersection between disciplines, where Carnegie Mellon has particular strengths.  Topics such as energy, green engineering, information technology, infrastructure systems, nanotechnology, quality of life technology, robotics, and more are potential areas for study.

Part-Time, Dual Degree, and Silicon Valley for E&TIM

E&TIM has introduced new opportunities for E&TIM applicants to tailor the program to their interests. For more information on these exciting opportunities, please contact us

  • Part-Time Option: A two year, part-time E&TIM program option is available for local students. Working professionals may join E&TIM through this option. Please contact us for more information.
  • Dual Degree Option: E&TIM students may apply for dual degrees with traditional engineering programs at Carnegie Mellon University. Typically, dual degree students enter the University in the fall semester. This program requires four semesters for completion.
  • Fall Program Start: The E&TIM program traditionally starts in January. The program's core sequence has a spring start in order to accommodate the mid-program summer internship requirement. Applicants interested in a fall program start may explore the E&TIM Dual Degree option.
  • Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley: A bicoastal curriculum to take advantage of the software management strengths and Silicon Valley immersion at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley is an option for E&TIM students.