Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University invites engineers, scientists, and other technical professionals to earn a one-year, interdisciplinary MS degree in Engineering and Technology Innovation Management (E&TIM).

Innovation often requires leveraging new, unfamiliar technologies to create value. All too often, key business roles lack understanding of technology, and important technical roles are missing the importance of the business and commercial facets. The E&TIM program builds on the technical strengths of engineers and scientists by providing frameworks to lead, foster, and manage technical innovation. Professionals enter the program from areas like computer science, biology, chemistry, physics, and mechanical, electrical, biomedical, materials science, civil, environmental and engineering. 

The core of this program emphasizes the fundamentals of innovation management in theory and practice and prepares students to:

    • Effectively utilize diagnostic tools to determine which strategic technological framework is organizationally appropriate
    • Lead current and future technology and innovation management initiatives
    • Create new ventures that leverage technology 
    • Develop and deploy effective business aligned technology strategies that capture differentiated value
    • Design and implement policies to encourage technological innovation
    • Work in cross functional, multi-discipline teams to optimize organizational outcomes

Interdisciplinary Approach

E&TIM is founded on a convergence of Carnegie Mellon’s strengths, including strong engineering programs; successful interdisciplinary educational collaborations; innovation-focused project courses, and broad offerings in entrepreneurship education.

The core of this program emphasizes the fundamentals of innovation management in theory and practice. Electives, chosen in conjunction with E&TIM’s academic advisor, enable students to focus the program to their technical interests and to specific topics in technology innovation management processes, policies or organizations.

E&TIM works with business and industry to benefit our students and the professional community. Industry partners collaborate with E&TIM for project sponsorship and internships. Companies participate in our summer internship program and learn from industry experts during the Innovation Management in Practice seminar series. Each student completes a product or process innovation project course that involves a real-world client. E&TIM actively seeks out client companies who will contribute concepts, ideas, and issues that benefit from student engagement.

Real-World Experience

E&TIM equips students to drive value creation from technical innovation, based on their understanding of technical concepts, innovation management fundamentals and real-world implications. Each student completes a Product or Process Innovation Project course that involves a real-world client. 

A summer internship is a central to this professional degree. During the internship, students contribute to real organizations and deepen their understanding of what it takes to convert concepts and skills into practical value. Internship insights may shape future directions including student choices of electives courses and projects.

E&TIM actively seeks out client companies that will contribute concepts, ideas, and issues that would benefit from student engagement.We welcome all inquiries from prospective students and businesses. Please contact for more information.