Carnegie Mellon University

Uroš Simović (MS '16)

Hometown: Belgrade, Serbia
EST&P Concentration: Engineering & Public Policy
B.S. Electrical Engineering, McGill University

Uros completed his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

After working for the power sector in Serbia, he wanted to broaden and intensify his understanding of the energy sector.  He felt the EST&P program was a perfect blend of engineering, science, policy, economics, and management that would turn him into a better professional.

In the 2015 Fall Semester, Uros joined the program with a concentration in Engineering and Public Policy. What surprised him about the program was how easy it was to enroll in energy related classes available within and outside of the College of Engineering. uros

At CMU, he values the opportunity to be taught and mentored by world renowned experts. He felt the EST&P program guided him through the best sustainable engineering solutions and corresponding implementation practices, which he believes is necessary for initiating and managing changes towards sustainability in the energy sector.

Apart from the curriculum, Uros was also an active member of the Energy Club where he enjoyed energy topic discussions, watched educational movies, and had social outings with energy enthusiasts across the university.

Early in the semester, Uros realized he wanted to be involved with the EST&P Energy Careers Symposium. He was unanimously voted in as the Symposium Chair by members of his cohort and was tasked to acquire speakers and panelists, as well as, HR representatives from companies in the energy sector. With the support from the staff and student team, he organized the style and format of the event with intent to excite students across campus about the importance of energy and its evolution in the 21st century.

Uros’s favorite class was a seminar course, “Electricity Market Restructuring”, taught by Prof. Jay Apt. It’s a small sized class, with only 15 students sitting around a table and discussing the material that was assigned. His two cents on the class –

You get to learn a lot, not just from the books and journals, but more importantly from each other”

The class is typically taken by Ph.D. and MBA students; each having a different background and understanding that adds to the richness of the discussion and exchange.

When asked, “What do you feel prospective grad students should know about the EST&P program?” he responded –

“We are a small and tight community. We are there for each other. The administrative staff and EST&P core faculty are wonderful people who are there for you all the time, be it academic related or you need an advice on which restaurant has the best beer selection. ”

Uros’s career goal was to remain in energy consulting with an aspiration to constantly keep learning by surrounding himself with colleagues and clients of diverse backgrounds.

Initially reluctant of pursuing a master’s degree, the prosperous and enriching experience that the EST&P program provided, has inspired him to contemplate pursuing a Ph.D. in the future.

In the middle of the Fall Semester 2015, Uros was hired as an Experienced Consultant in the Energy and Utilities practice at the prestigious West Monroe Partners. Uros graduated in May 2016 and will start working in August of 2016, after traveling to South East Asia and Serbia with family.