Carnegie Mellon University

Jake McIlvaine (M.S. '15) jmcilvaine

Hometown: Wadsworth, Ohio, USA
EST&P Concentration: Engineering & Public Policy
M.S. Systems Engineering, Naval Postgraduate School

Jake McIlvain was drawn to the EST&P program knowning CMU's notable recognition and stated that, “as part of the Navy you have to have a master’s in MechE or ECE, but I wanted to explore energy”.  It also helped that the mater's program could be completed in one year. Jake’s goal by coming to CMU was to set himself apart with his unique degree, as well as, “the only senior officer who went to a tough school like CMU”. The degree and program allowed Jake to make a name for himself within his “community as the kid who did something different”.

He was surprised by how untechnical parts of the program were, “I was expecting to learn about the creation of electricity, and developing and designing energy systems", but at the same time, Jake enjoyed that the program offered “more application of energy concepts, and included policy implications” and he liked the flexibility to choose classes, and the ability to personalize the course load. Infrastructure Management with Dr. Chris Hendrickson was Jake's favorite class, due to “optimization techniques and variety in learnings.”

As for extra-curriculars, Jake speaks highly of CMU’s excellent gym facilities, which afforded him “an hour and half long workout in the mornings”. He also spent time every Saturday exploring Pittsburgh with his wife and children, including museums and the Fallingwater house built by America’s most famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Jake is now an Assistant Operations Officer for Naval Engineering Command Europe, Africa, & SW Asia. He has orders to be based in Naples, Italy for three years, where he will be overseeing the planning, programming and operations of navy and marine core infrastructure.