Carnegie Mellon University
May 28, 2018

EST&P Students Take 2nd Place at Fuels Institute Case Competition

Fuels Institute Case Competition

For the 2018 Fuels Institute University Case Competition, students were presented with a straightforward, yet complex, challenge: “Through the lens of a fuel retailer, establish a timeline of the evolution of the light-duty vehicle fueling infrastructure in the United States through 2040.” Energy Science, Technology & Policy students Ankit Kalanki (M.S. ’18), Chris Stoinoff (M.S. ’18), and Kanchan Upadhyay (M.S. ’18) took up the challenge and submitted their abstract entitled “Future Landscape of Fuel Retailing - Thinking Beyond the Conventional”. After a review process by the judges, the team was selected as one of three finalists.

As finalists, the CMU team were flown to Chicago, IL to present their submission to industry executives at the FUELS2018 conference from May 22-24, 2018. Kalanki, Stoinoff, and Upadhyay presented their case and were judged on their skill in analyzing the prompt, their ability to defend strategy, and the overall quality of submission. At the end of the day, the EST&P came out of the competition in 2nd Place, missing the top spot by only a handful of points.

The team was awarded a cash prize and had the opportunity for their resumes to be presented to industry sponsors, for an opportunity to interview for summer internships.

Congratulations to Ankit Kalanki, Chris Stoinoff, and Kanchan Upadhyay on their 2nd Place award!