Carnegie Mellon University
March 29, 2017

EST&P students win poster competition at CMU Energy Week

Over 30 student teams participated in the energy research poster competition during CMU's Energy Week on March 29th. Multiple EST&P student teams were recognized for their work and three were recognized under the master's category for their work and received monetary prizes of $250.

Winners include: “Techno-economic analysis of a Wireless Charging Infrastructure Model for Electric Vehicles” (Ashwin Balaji, Akhil Mathur, Akshay Patil, Anand Prakash, Zeal Shah), “Enabling Distributed Renewable Energy on a Commercial Scale” (Nathan Cheng, Huizi Guo, Siddharth Padmanabha), and “Empower Ikowa: Microgrid Model for Rural Electrification in Tanzania” (Guillaume Bence Hébert, Mikael Matossian, and Parangat Shukla).

Other EST&P student posters included: “Where, When, and Watt?” (Yoolhee Kim, Akhil Mathur, Vasudevan Nambeesan, and Anand Prakash), Feasibility Study of Fuel Alternatives to the CMU Shuttle Service (Akhil Mathur)  “Life Cycle Assessment of lithium-air batteries for sustainable aviation” (Mikael Matossian), “K-O2 Batteries” (Yoolhee Kim), and “The Electrochemical Lithium Extraction Opportunity” (Andrew Sams)

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