Carnegie Mellon University

Integrated Study in Computer Science

The EST&P degrees having Integrated Study with Computer Science (EST&P-ADCS and EST&P-AACS) build off the EST&P Advanced Study degrees (EST&P-ADS and EST&P-AAS) by integrating 60 units of computer science coursework, including both Computer Science Core (24 units) and CS Concentration (36 units) coursework.

Computer Science Core (24 units):
EST&P-ADCS and EST&P-AACS students must take twenty-four units of required Computer Science core, which are two full semester courses (12 units each):

  1. 15-513 Introduction to Computer Systems
  2. 17-514 Principles of Software Construction: Objects, Design, and Concurrency

These two courses must be taken in the first two semesters (one each) of a student’s program. 

Computer Science Concentration (36 units):
EST&P-ADCS and EST&P-AACS students must take an additional 36 units of graduate level Computer Science Concentration courses. These are sets of courses approved by the School of Computer Science. Choosing Computer Science courses should be made in consultation with your EST&P and CS advisor(s). Up to 12 of these CS Concentration units can be counted towards the Breadth Electives, upon EST&P advisor approval. Such courses must satisfy the criteria for both categories.