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Disciplinary concentration in Materials Science and Engineering

Disciplinary Concentration in Materials Science and Engineering


        27-798 Thermodynamics I (FA-A1: 6 units)

        27-799 Thermodynamics II (FA-A2: 6 units)

plus 24 units selected ONLY from the following list of classes:

27-705 Nanostructered Materials SP: 12 units
27-718 Soft Materials FA: 12 units
27-721 Processing Design (occasional) FA: 12 units
27-722 Basics and Applications of Power Magnetic Devices (occasional) SP: 12 units
27-724 Materials for Energy Storage (occasional) SP: 6 units
27-725 Materials in Nuclear Systems (occasional) 6 units
27-727 Mechanical Behavior in Extreme Environments

SP: 6 units

27-728 Materials for Future Energy Systems (occasional) 6 units
27-729 Solid State Devices for Energy Conversion FA: 6 units
27-730 Energy Consumption and Minimization in Metals Production (occasional) FA: 6 units
27-750 Advanced Characterization and Microstructural Analysis SP: 12 units
27-752 Foundations of Semiconductor Nanostructures (occasional)

12 units

27-765 S.T. in Materials Science: Materials and Society (occasional)  12 units
27-766 Diffusion in Materials FA: 6 units
27-770 Electronic, Magnetic, and Optical Properties

SP: 12 units

27-771 S.T. Materials and Devices for Energy Efficiency Applications (occasional) SP: 12 units
27-788 Defects in Materials FA: 6 units
27-794 Chemical Stability of Materials in Extreme Environments (occasional) 6 units
27-796 Structure of Materials FA: 6 units
27-797 Bonding of Materials

FA: 6 units

Graduate engineering classes are generally offered once per year, in either Spring (SP) or Fall (FA) semester.  Many MSE "occassional" courses are taught every other year.  Special Topics classes (S.T.) are new or infrequent classes that may not be regularly scheduled. For course descriptions, search CMU Schedule of Classes >>