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Disciplinary concentration in Engineering and Public Policy

Disciplinary Concentration in Engineering and Public Policy

The EPP disciplinary concentration is defined as 36 units of approved EPP graduate-level courses (other than independent study or graduate project courses). ONLY the following courses are approved to satisfy the EPP disciplinary concentration.  Many EPP courses are cross-listed (c.l.) with other engineering departments as indicated in the table below. Please note: EPP is a unique engineering department working on complex problems at the interface between technology and society.  Many energy technology and policy issues lie in this space, and EPP courses are in high demand as breadth electives and as disciplinary concentration.  Please be aware that many EPP classes are taught in a seminar format; requiring extensive reading, writing, projects, and in-class participation. 

19-424 (c.l. 24-424)

Energy and the Environment (undergrad course for which grad. student enrollment is limited; counts as 9 of the allowed 12 undergrad units)

FA: 9 units
19-472 (c.l. 18-372) Fundamentals of Electric Power Systems (occassional undergrad course; counts as the allowed 12 undergrad units towards EST&P degree 12 units
19-617 (c.l. 12-750) Infrastructure Management SP: 12 units
19-624 Emerging Energy Policies FA: 12 units
19-625 Sustainable Energy for the Developing World SP: 12 units
19-626 Climate Science and Policy (occasional) 12 units
19-638 (c.l. 18-618)

Smart Grids & Future Electric Energy Systems

FA: 12 units
19-653 (c.l. 24-640) S.T. Climate Change Mitigation

SP: 12 units

19-655A (c.l. 12-766) S.T. in EPP: Climate Change Science and Adaptation FA: 12 units
19-655C S.T. in EPP: Design, Innovation and Strategy (occasional) FA: 12 units
19-656 S.T. CO2 Capture and Sequestration SP: 6 units
19-683 S.T. Science, Technology & Innovation Policy FA: 6 units
19-696 S.T. Sustainable Development & Innovation (occasional) 9 units
19-714 (c.l. 12-714) Environmental Life Cycle Assessment

SP: 12 units

19-717 (c.l. 12-712) Introduction to Sustainable Engineering

FA: 12 units

19-724 (c.l. 27-724)

Materials for Energy Storage (occasional)

SP: 6 units

19-736 (c.l. 27-726) 

Energy and Materials in Policy Making (occasional)

6 units

19-739 (c.l. 18-875)

Engineering & Economics of Electric Energy Systems

SP: 12 units
19-740 (c.l. 24-740) Combustion & Air Pollution Ctrl SP: 12 units
19-751 (c.l. 12-751) Air Quality Engineering SP: 12 units


S.T. Seminar in Electric Power: Electric Market Restructuring

FA: 6 units


S.T. Seminar in Electric Power: Low Carbon Electric Power

SP: 6 units
Graduate engineering classes are generally offered once per year, in either Spring (SP) or Fall (FA) semester.  Special Topics classes (S.T.) are new or infrequent classes that may not be regularly scheduled.  For course descriptions, search CMU Schedule of Classes >>