Carnegie Mellon University
Disciplinary concentration in Chemical Engineering

Disciplinary Concentration in Chemical Engineering

REQUIRED: 06-665 Process Systems Modeling (M.S. level SP: 12 units)

plus 24 additional units selected ONLY from the following list of classes:

M.S. level courses recommended as CHE disciplinary concentration:
06-623 Mathematical Modeling of Chemical Engineering Processes

FA: 12 units

06-625 Chemical and Reactive Systems FA: 12 units
06-663 Analysis and Modeling of Transport Phenomena SP: 12 units
Ph.D. level courses permitted as CHE disciplinary concentration:


Advanced Reaction Kinetics

SP: 12 units


Advanced Fluid Dynamics

FA: 12 units


Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer

SP: 12 units


Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

FA: 12 units


Mathematical Techniques in Chemical Engineering

FA: 12 units


Advanced Process Systems Engineering

SP: 12 units

Graduate engineering classes are generally offered once per year, in either Spring (SP) or Fall (FA) semester. For course descriptions, search CMU Schedule of Classes >>