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Alumni Resources

Alumni Resources

The Energy Science, Technology and Policy program provides a unique environment for an exchange of ideas surrounding energy in society through its interdisciplinary nature. Graduates have pursued careers in industry, government and non-profits, and have continued on with University education and research. 

Alumni give of themselves in various advisory and networking capacities that have tremendous impact on the EST&P program's continued success. We are grateful for all of the contributions of our alumni and enjoy hearing their career successes and challenges. We encourage alumni to connect with us via social media or by contacting the program to share their news. We maintain brief postings of available alumni information and their companies under Alumni Experience.

Stay Connected, and stay involved with EST&P!

  • Let us know if your position or company changed
  • Send along relevant job openings and opportunities for current students
  • Be a speaker or help with with the Annual EST&P Energy Careers Symposium held in February
  • Mentor or speak with current and prospective students
  • Connect us with your company's University Relations & Recruiting
  • Spread the word about EST&P
  • Share ideas and jobs with the Private LinkedIn group
  • Attend Events

CMU Events:
- Return to campus for Ceilidh and Spring Carnival 
- Stay in touch with CMU Connect and an alumni network (throughout the world!)

Lifetime Resources Available to You!
- Become a Loyal Scott & receive incentives
- Sign-up for an alumni email forwarding address
- Career services and EST&P Career Consultants- Shaina Tsupros, Marcie Foy, & Lindsay Pelz Luciano
Insurance services to help you succeed

Giving Back - Give the Gift of Opportunity:
Through the GSA, Vice Provost office, and EST&P program, several deserving young scholars have been awarded conference funding to present, learn, and network at energy related conferences or exhibits.  Carry the CMU tradition of giving with you this year. Make the dream of attending an energy conference as an EST&P student possible.

CMU (and EST&P) welcome your tax-deductible gift!