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Webinar Archive: Deep Disciplinary Knowledge

From curing Parkinson's disease to exploring solutions offered by green chemistry, CMU faculty are doing the work that matters, and they're sharing it with you! Learn from those on the cutting edge through these recordings.

Lessons from the Australian Bushfires

Presented by Tim O’Loughlin, Professor of the Practice of Public Policy and Management, Heinz College
Turning Ancestral Trauma Into Beautiful Music

Presented by Edda Fields-Black, Associate Professor of History, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Financial Fool's Gold or Future of Finance

Presented by Bryan Routledge, Associate Professor of Finance, Tepper School of Business
Who Knows What you REALLY Want this Holiday Season? Your Smartphone

Presented by BeiBei Li, Associate Professor of IT and Management, Heinz College
Game On! How Leveraging Gameplay Can Change Your Life

Presented by: Jessica Hammer, Thomas and Lydia Moran Professor of Learning Science, School of Computer Science
Energy for Development in a Carbon Constrained World

Presented by Paulina Jaramillo, Professor of Engineering and Public Policy, College of Engineering, and co-director of the Green Design Institute
Tactical Embodiment (The Game: The Game)

Presented by Angela Washko, Assistant Professor of Art, College of Fine Arts

Confounding Fathers: Liberty and Paternalism in American Professional Sports

Presented by Jason England, Assistant Professor of Creative Writing, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Constitution Day Lecture: Bringing Mathematical Rigor to the Courtroom

Presented by Wes Pegden, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Mellon College of Science
Norse Myths and Legends Transformed in Tolkien’s Cauldron

Presented by Gloriana St. Clair, Dean Emerita, Carnegie Mellon University Libraries
Social Stereotyping: Making Myths into Reality

Presented by Chante Cox-Boyd, Associate Teaching Professor of Psychology, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences
It Can Be Easy Being Green

Presented by Erica Cochran Hameen (A 2009, 2014), Assistant Professor of Architecture, College of Fine Arts and Ryan Sullivan, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering, Mellon College of Science and College of Engineering
Dispelling the Myths of Dyslexia

Presented by Lori Holt, Professor of Psychology, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Improving Drug Delivery to the Lungs

Presented by Diane Nelson, 5th year PH.D. Student, Biomedical Engineering
Frankenstein 200 Panel Discussion: Creation and Consequence

Panelists: Molly Wright Steenson, Associate Professor & Director of Doctor of Design (D.Des) program, School of Design Jeffrey Bigham, Associate Professor, Human-Computer Interaction and Language Technologies Institutes, School of Computer Science David Danks, L. L. Thurstone Professor of Philosophy & Psychology, and Head of the Department of Philosophy, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences Barry Luokkala, Teaching Professor and Director of Undergraduate Physics Laboratories, Department of Physics, Mellon College of Science
New Frontiers in Parkinson's Treatment

Presented by Aryn Gittis, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Mellon College of Science
Big Data and the Future of Entertainment

Presented by Michael D. Smith, Professor of Information Systems and Marketing, Heinz College, and Rahul Telang, Professor of Information Systems and Management, Heinz College
Toward a More Deliberative Democracy

Presented by Robert Cavalier, Director, Program for Deliberative Democracy; Center for Ethics and Policy;
and Department of Philosophy, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Privacy, Economics and Behavior

Presented by Alessandro Acquisti, PwC William W. Cooper Professor of Risk and Regulatory Innovation, Heinz College, and George Loewenstein, Herbert A. Simon University Professor of Economics and Psychology, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Traveling Through Time: Exploring the Ethical Boundaries of Future Technology

Presented by Mara Harrell, Associate Teaching Professor of Philosophy
The Carnival on the Edge of Forever: The Physics of Time Travel

Presented by Barry Luokkala, Teaching Professor of Physics, Mellon College of Science
Gender in Modern Games

Panelists include Sabrina Culyba (CS 2003, MET 2005), Principal Game Designer at Schell Games; current ETC faculty member Jessica Trybus (MET 2004), Founder and CEO of Simcoach Games; Bonnie Bogovich, Audio Lead at Schell Games; and Drew Davidson, Director of the ETC
Online Book Club

Presented by Keith Webster, Dean of the Libraries

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