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Lynne Kiesling

Lynne Kiesling

Visiting Professor, Engineering and Public Policy

  • Scott Hall 5123
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Area of Expertise

Economics, Power Systems & Smart Grid, Public Policy


Lynne Kiesling is Visiting Professor in the Department of Engineering and Public Policy, Co-Director of the Institute for Regulatory Law & Economics, and a Faculty Affiliate in the Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation at Carnegie Mellon University.

Her research in transactive energy uses transaction cost economics to examine regulation, market design, and technology in the development of retail markets, products and services and the economics of smart grid technologies in the electricity industry. Her publications include journal articles, policy analyses, and Deregulation, Innovation, and Market Liberalization: Electricity Regulation in a Continually Evolving Environment (Routledge, 2008). She is also currently serving as a member of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Smart Grid Advisory Committee.

As a noted expert in smart grid economics, regulatory and market design, and retail competition, Lynne speaks to various academic, industrial, and regulatory groups about regulatory policy, institutional change, and economic analysis of electric power market design. In addition to her publications she has served as a peer reviewer for the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation, and for academic journals including Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Regulatory Economics, Energy Journal, Public Choice, Journal of Institutional Economics, and Energy Policy. She has provided expert testimony in proceedings before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the California Public Utilities Commission, the Illinois Commerce Commission, and the New York Public Service Commission, and served as the Electricity Markets Working Group Facilitator in the Illinois NextGrid utility of the future study in 2018.

Lynne also served (2005-2010) as a member (and is currently an emerita member) of the GridWise Architecture Council, a group of 13 experts volunteering their time to articulate the guiding principles for an intelligent, transactive, energy system of the future, and to guide and promote measures to transform the nation’s electricity system into a more reliable, affordable, secure network in which users collaborate with suppliers in an information- and value-rich market environment.

Lynne has taught undergraduate courses in principles of economics, energy economics, environmental economics, antitrust and regulation, and the history of economic thought, and she writes about economics as the editor/owner at the website Knowledge Problem. Lynne is Senior Fellow at the Fraser Institute, a member of the academic advisory board of the Institute of Economic Affairs (UK), and a member of the Mont Pelerin Society.


Ph.D. Economics, Northwestern University,1993

B.S. cum laude​ Economics, Miami University, Phi Beta Kappa, 1987

Leadership and Negotiation Academy for Women, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University, March 2018


Lynne's research primarily focuses on the effect of regulatory institutions and their incentives on innovation and technological change, particularly in the electric power industry. Below is her published work.

Kiesling, Lynne. 2018. “​Toward a Market Epistemology of the Platform Economy.​” ​Advances in Austrian Economics​ 23: 45-70. 

Kiesling, Lynne. 2016. “​Implications of Smart Grid Innovation for Organizational Models in  Electricity Distribution​,” in Chen-Ching Liu, Stephen McArthur, and Seung-Jae Lee, eds., Wiley Smart Grid Handbook​. London: Wiley. 

Boffa, Federico, and Lynne Kiesling. 2016 “​Competitive Joint Venture Ownership of  Networks as an Alternative to Regulation​,” in Arnold Picot, Massimo Florio, Nico Grove, and  Johan Kranz, eds., ​The Economics of Infrastructure Provisioning: The (Changing) Role of the  State​. MIT Press. 

Kiesling, Lynne. 2016 “​The Connected Home and an Electricity Market Platform for the  Twenty-First Century​,” ​Independent Review​ 20(3): 405-409. 

Kiesling, Lynne. 2016. Alternatives to Net Metering: Grid Services Rate Design for Decentralized Electricity Markets. R Street Institute Policy Paper, February.

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From Airbnb to Solar: Toward a Transaction Cost Model of a Retail Electricity Distribution Platform.” Manuscript, August 2018. Joint with Michael Munger and Alexander Theisen. Presented at:​ British Institute of Energy Economics, Midwest Economic Association, College of Charleston, Tilburg University Law & Economics Center, Workshop on Governance in Data-Driven Industries, Property & Environment Research Center Energy Research Workshop. Earlier versions presented at:​ Boston University Platform Symposium, Public Choice Society, King’s College London, University of Cambridge.

“Innovation, Interconnection, and Institutions: Evolving Electric Power Systems in the Early 20t​ hCentury.” Manuscript, July 2017. Joint with Karen Clay. Presented at:​ Public Choice Society, Searle Center at Northwestern University Energy Research Roundtable, Society for Institutional & Organizational Economics, Property & Environment Research Center Lone Mountain Fellow Workshop, Property & Environment Research Center Energy Research Workshop.