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Athanasios Karamalidis

Athanasios Karamalidis

Associate Research Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


In several projects being supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, Karamalidis is working to enhance understanding of potential impacts of CO2 on release, fate, and transport of organic compounds or heavy metals in geological storage formations, and approaches needed for protection of aquifers and subsurface resources. The research is helping to support development of science-based, quantitative methods for calculating site-specific risk profiles as in relation to long-term CO2 storage site stewardship.


Karamalidis' research involves the protection of subsurface resources, such as groundwater aquifers, during geologic COsequestration.

  • Resource recovery: Emphasis on new technologies for the extraction and recovery of critical materials and rare earth elements Geochemistry of rare earth elements. 
  • Unconventional Oil and Gas: Shale gas operations geochemistry, hydraulic fracturing, enhanced oil recovery.
  • Energy and environment: Geochemical phenomena under CO2 storage conditions in geologic formations, groundwater and shallow aquifers Characterization, fate, and remediation of oil-derived hydrocarbons in water, soil, and sediment Hazardous and toxic waste site remediation.
  • Water: Chemistry and geochemical modeling of aqueous systems.

Rare earth elements are everywhere. In your cell phones, batteries, TV screens… Our ever-increasing demand for technology means we’re using more and more of them, so CEE’s Athanasios Karamalidis is coming up with creative ways of extracting rare earth elements, while being environmentally mindful.