Paulina Jaramillo-Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation - Carnegie Mellon University

Paulina Jaramillo

Paulina Jaramillo

Assistant Research Professor of Engineering and Public Policy

Executive Director, RenewElec Project

When to call: Jaramillo's research focuses on life cycle assessments of energy systems with an emphasis on climate change impacts and mitigation research. She is involved in key multi-disciplinary research projects to better understand the social, economic and environmental implications of energy consumption and the public policy tools that can be used to support sustainable energy development and consumption.

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Assistant Professor of Engineering and Public Policy discusses her research in how to provide energy access in a sustainable way to people in the developing world.

Paulina Jaramillo, is one of the many faculty experts at Carnegie Mellon University contributing to the work of the Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation. Jaramillo, an assistant research professor in Engineering and Public Policy and executive director of the RenewElec project, discusses whether hurricanes will clobber off-shore wind.