Carnegie Mellon University

The CMU Energy + Cleantech Investor Forum & Startup Pitch Showcase was a great success as part of Energy Week 2021. It displayed starups giving live pitches to a panel of investors who then provided feedback on their presentations. Investors had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with each startup before considering investing in the company. 


The showcase featured 20 startups in the Energy Industry seeking funding to grow and expand their company. Each presented their pitch in front of 22 investors and recieved written evaluations with feedback from the panel.

Participating startups included:

  • Rapid Flow Technologies
  • Conservation Labs
  • Urban Electric Power
  • Pliant Energy Systems
  • NextGen Battery Technologies, LLC
  • H Quest Vanguard
  • LeanFM Technologies
  • BlueDot Photonics
  • Farm to Flame Energy
  • Resilient Power Systems, Inc
  • Teratonix
  • Grid Fruit
  • CorePower Magnetics
  • Building IDEAS Group [BIG]
  • LumiShield Technologies
  • infiniRel Corporation
  • Epiphany Environmental
  • Uplift Solar Corp.
  • Optimus Technologies
  • Dimensional Energy 

The showcase facilitated 65 one-on-one meetings between companies and investors. It provided valuable exposure to each cleantech company and fostered relationships with investors to help them gain the capital needed to expand and reach more of their market.