In the early 1980s feminist biology professor Ruth Hubbard warned the
American Association for the Advancement of Science about the New
Reproductive Technologies which she felt had not been tested enough, and
she was also concerned that InVitro fertilization "required extremely
costly and prolonged experimentation with highly skilled professionals
and expensive equipment "distorting our health priorities and funneling
scarce resources into a questionable effort."

"From a nature point of view, the idea of artificial impregnation offers
valuable advantages. The mating of human beings, must, from the nature
of things, be a matter of sentiment alone. Persons of the worst possible
promise of good and healthy offspring are being lawfully united in
marriage every day. Marriage is a proposition which is not submitted to
good judgment...No Burbank methods are possible..Artificial impregnation
by carefully selected seed, alone will solve the problem.It may at first
shock the delicate sensibilities of the sentimental who consider that
the source of the seed indicates the true father, but when the
scientific fact becomes known that the origin of the spermatozoa which
generates the ovum is of no more importance than the personality of the
finger which pulls the trigger of a gun, then objections will lose their
forcefulness and artificial impregnation become recognized as a
race-uplifting procedure. "
[Hard, A.D. "Artificial Impregnation." Medical World 27 (l909): 163.)]

"I suggest that (the steps of ART) not be viewed as a horrendous ordeal
but rather as an exciting adventure during which you can thrill to the
view of your own eggs developing on the television screen on an
ultrasound monitor." [Sherman Silber, MD. How to Get Pregnant with the
New Technologies]

On sperm manipulation:"Another approach to trying to micro manipulate
sperm into the egg to fertilize by "brute force" could be "laser-
trapping, of the sperm".Dr. Tadir's experiments (are) truly a thrill
beyond belief. He uses a low-intensity beam laser directed under a high
power microscope to actually "trap" sperm optically. It works like a
video arcade game, once you lock the laser in on that sperm it is totally
under your control,.the head is held in place just like the collar zoo
keepers would use on the neck of a snake. Using the "joystick" attached
to the laser, under microscope visualization you can move that sperm
anywhere you want to move it. You can bring it off its carefree,
meaningless, joyless wanderings and bring it right next to the surface
of the egg." [Sherman Silber, MD., How to Get Pregnant with the New

On the genetic/eugenic advantages of rape:"Wartime rape and murder also
combine to shape our characteristics in the process known as genetic
infiltration. Warfare displaces and sometimes annihilates whole lineages
by this process. It is by this process of weeding out genes that do not
enhance reproductive success that evolution has saddled the majority of
men with the propensity to behave as rapists in the appropriate
situation." [Dr. Robin Baker, MD., Sperm Wars]

On surrogate mothering: "The new reproductive technology that we are
advancing has nothing to do with...violation of human rights. In fact,
the new reproductive technology allows us to help women have a child in
an ethical, moral manner without the temptation to resort to the
scandalous type "Baby M" behaviour. The problem is not that society
needs to monitor physicians who are trying to help couples have babies,
but rather it must monitor the lawyers and the judges who think that we
need their protection to make sure we don't misuse the technology."
[Sherman Silber, MD., How to Get Pregnant with the New Technologies]

"New reproductive technologies are powerful socio/political/economic
instruments of control of women's bodies and particularly of their
reproductive functions." [Gena Corea, Man-made Women]