Here are Ten Ways to Enhance Yourself Genetically:

  1. Triple your income.
  2. Move to a gated community in a first-world country.
  3. Invest in your children. Send them to a major research university.
  4. Have children only by Advanced Reproductive Technologies.
  5. For women wanting "natural" children: Have sex with many different men
    during ovulation to ensure that the best sperm wins. For men:
    Impregnate as many women as possible in order to ensure continuation of
    your genetic line.
  6. Practice positive parental eugenics when necessary. When making babies
    with Advanced Reproductive Technologies choose genetic traits in donor
    eggs and sperm which will enhance your genetic germ line in a few
  7. Choose pre-implantation genetic diagnosis through embryo biopsy, and
    employ selective reduction after embryo implantation.
  8. Take advantage of all new medical procedures based on genetic
    therapy, for example, somatic gene therapy.
  9. Invest in new biotechnology and genetic research stocks.
  10. Eat genetically modified food,