--Leap into Parenthood Sex-Free with Palm XY's new GPS MateFinder.--Now you can take your own private fertility clinic with you wherever you go. The Palm XY is designed for people on the go. People who want a family but don't need the hassle of breeding. With the Palm XY you're in control: you enter the data, you control the activation times, you call the shots! The Palm XY handheld device taps into 24 global satellites thanks to Magellan GPS 315 technology. Enter the parameters for the type of child you wish to produce. Press Palm XY's DataSend HotSync button and presto, your MateFinder protocol is spiralling the globe! Any time you're within proximity of an appropriate Gamete Donor Match, Palm XY's gentle buzzer will stimulate your body's own natural mate-finding algorhythms! No noise, no overtures, no guessing as to gender or availability!
Palm XY and DataSend HotSync technology work on Pure Data. Your parameters match with other subscribers so you can find the Right kind of co-parent to produce the Right kind of Child, every time.

Sponsored by Monsanto SkyNursery, Inc.