"Every major economic and social revolution in history has been accompanied by a new explanation of the creation of life and the workings of nature. The new concept of nature is always the most important strand of the matrix that makes up any new social order. In each instance, the new cosmology serves to justify the rightness and inevitability of the new way human beings are organizing their world by suggesting that nature itself is organized along similar lines."
(J. Rifkin, The Biotech Century, p196.)

The mysteries of the creation of life, and of the processes of human reproduction have preoccupied scientists, philosophers, artists, writers, and theologians, since human culture began. The new bio-technologies, genetic and medical re- engineering, as well as social, cultural, racial, gender, and economic factors fueled by global exchanges and mixings, have the potential for producing "new humans", new transgenic animals, plants, and humans, new relations among bodies, and new answers to ancient questions about life and being human. Sexuality and gender construction are at the heart of (western) discussions of human identity and subjectivity.

To date, there has not been much research about how the new bio technologies may change our ideas of sex and gender and what it means to be human. We must understand that we are no longer in the realm of Frankenstein and science fiction. Rather, we are in a new biological era in which digital technologies of bio informatics have the capacity to permanently alter organic biology at the molecular (genetic) level. To help consumers understand and take advantage of these new scientific discoveries, Expo EmmaGenics offers products, information and demonstrations about Advanced Reproductive Technologies (ART) and Applied Social Genetics. Take time to browse this WEB page and the information booths; talk to our friendly product representatives, or participate in a lively demonstration. Empower yourself to make the best available choice in this landscape of exciting new possibilities. "The story of creation is being retold. This time around, nature is cast in the image of the computer and the language of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and the information sciences."
(J. Rifkin, The Biotech Century, p. 211)