It is time that the New World gives something back to the Old World. While some European countries like France, have more IVF clinics than the USA, many others have been slower than Americans to explore the consumer market of enhanced new bio, genetic and reproductive technologies. Europeans are now ready to fully embrace the benefits of these technologies, and to take advantage of the efficiency, usefulness, genetic enhancement, and choice that they offer. Expo EmmaGenics demonstrates how consumer marketing of new bio technologies works, and introduces the products and services available. Improve the world by improving your genes! Take advantage of the brave new world of genetic commodity trading; superior gamete acquisition; and reproductive and genetic resource management to improve genetic heritage. The world's genetic future is too precious to be left in the hands of nature and the lottery of chance.

Expo EmmaGenics: We're Woman-Friendly!
Did you know that the first mappings of human DNA of the Human Genome Project in the US were derived from the blood of a woman? Expo EmmaGenics brings together the world's finest companies to acknowledge the special contribution that women are making in the exciting, groundbreaking transformations happening through biogenetic, medical, and global communication technologies.

Expo EmmaGenics: "By Women, for Women, and for Those Who Care."
In the Biotech Century the female body has become the pre-eminent laboratory subject for bio-medical science. This trade show gives special support to women who are making vital decisions which profoundly affect their lives and bodies and the future of the human race.

Women are the main consumers of Reprotech
Women are clearly the consumers who are most affected by the Advanced Reproductive Technologies (ART). For example, egg collection is much more complicated, expensive, and time-consuming than sperm collection. In the US, the fertility business is largely dominated by men--only about twenty-eight IVF Clinic Program directors are women. Expo EmmaGenics is about supporting a Woman's full participation in the fertility industry. Women are making important choices about our genetic future This Expo is dedicated to helping women to connect to all the information networks and companies that can help them make the right choices for a successful genetic future.